Friday, July 07, 2006

Where there's smoke...

One of the really fascinating things about writing a blog is monitoring who comes in and what brought them here. Sometimes it is something odd or even highly unpleasant (somewhere in Egypt there is a man in need of some serious counselling), and sometimes it leads me to new discoveries, so I'm always hesitant to dismiss any search query, no matter how strange. In April last year I started getting hits from the search query "Ikea MVNO" (still no evidence of where or when, but this is apparently true), followed by "Disney UK MVNO" (which is also apparently going to happen). Yesterday I got a hit from the query "marijuana MVNO". Intriguing possibilities here. Normlcom or Hemphone anyone? I can see lost handsets being a chronic problem, but I guess there is an insurance-related business model here somewhere, particularly if, say, Motorola were to produce a dedicated handset, the STONR.

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