Monday, May 15, 2006

Out of the box, and over the barriers to entry

Need something to do in your spare time? Looking to supplement your income? Why not become a VoIP service provider? Up in Sweden, there is someone who can help you, and I'm looking forward to meeting these folks at the VON show. Perhaps EuroTelcoblog will evolve into an actual EuroTelco over time. Apparently, RTC can get me up and running in eight weeks, with branded GIPS-powered softphones, hardphones, ATAs, auto-provisioning, NAT/firewall traversal, OSS, billing, termination in about 200 countries, credible partners - you name it.

(P.S. - For anyone interested in the fusion between search, mapping and click-to-call, check out, one of RTC's partners. Let's say you needed to find an Apple distributor - here's what you'd see - satellite image, street-level view, click-to-call capability, pretty slick.)

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