Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cable to the 'Max

A Titanium Class mega-uber value reader points me to a press release from Casema (as usual, Trouw is right on the case), one of the Dutch "Holy Trinity" of cable (once owned by KPN, then by France Telecom, now by private equity - no doubt to be sold again imminently). The company has arranged to acquire Tele2/Versatel's WiMax license, and apparently plans to focus on broadband access and VoIP in rural areas, eventually expanding nationwide, though the license apparently doesn't allow roaming in its present incarnation - there is a "nomadic" license available in 2008, for which Casema would be a natural bidder. I'm curious as to why a born disruptor like Tele2 would be selling out, but perhaps it's to raise funds for the looming nuclear arms race in access.

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