Friday, January 14, 2005

Blinkx coverage in the UK

On the train home last night, I came across this article on Blinkx in the Evening Standard, an evening edition tabloid not exactly renowned for its tech coverage. To their credit, the Blinkx team is taking the message to Joe Sixpack (actually, Fourpack in the UK) early in its life. For those outside the UK, the Standard is very widely read by commuters heading home, so there's a reasonable chance that many many thousands of non-geeks found out about Blinkx yesterday. I'm curious to see what other coverage the company gets in the days ahead. There's an interesting range of content suppliers taking part already, including the BBC, ITV, Sky and Fox. Looks like the TV industry is warming up to internet distribution models, though, bear that I am, I have to question whether this will generate incremental viewing, or in the case of subscription services like Sky, will mark an incremental step towards pushing viewers away from the core TV offering.

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