Thursday, December 08, 2005

What's Estonian for "Don't Be Evil"?

Poor old Skype. First, a few weeks back, some comedians inside the Beltway produced some language which looked like it was written specifically to undermine Skype (I'm sure this was a coincidence). Then, as the post-merger dust settled, the two-headed Hydra of West Coast hyper-bloggers "ripped 'em a new one," as we'd say down South. Then yesterday Yahoo! delivered a little Christmas card to eBay (message - Christmas is cancelled). Now Verso, in the finest "kick 'em while they're down" tradition, has produced audited results of its Skype-killer, claiming it's validated, and throwing in a few nicely worded reasons for why Skype is a bad thing, just in case anyone had forgotten the message. And it's still only Thursday.

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