Friday, December 23, 2005

Take the EuroTelcoblog holiday challenge

As we're nearing the peak of the silly season ("I'd like to discuss razor stubble, please."), let's indulge in a little silliness ourselves. This morning I woke up, inexplicably, with the word "WiBro" in my head, and I started thinking about how telcos around the world might "overbrand" WiBro in the future (let's ignore the fact that spectrum availability may render some of these infeasible in any event). So, I have put together a list of 10 fictitious WiBro brands/marketing slogans of the not-too-distant. Can you identify which carriers I am referring to? Ten-out-of-ten wins you a Gmail account invitation and promotion to the EuroTelcoblog Platinum Club (perks currently under development).

1. T-Bro
2. Can-you-hear-me-now-Bro?
3. Bro Zone
4. The Future's Bro
5. Raising the bar, Bro
6. We never stop working for you, Bro
7. Bro-mode
8. Live! Bro
9. Express Yourself, Bro
10. Bro With a Passion

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