Monday, July 18, 2005

Skype as inspiration

A member of the MSN Messenger development team, Leah, has been in touch regarding my post on the GIPS/MSN "anti-Skype backlash," with some interesting insights:

"In the opening line of the post you mention 'The anti-Skype backlash.' Even as
a member of one of Skype's biggest competitors, that is not how I would
describe the current VoIP market. As a lower-level individual contributor
to MS, I'm pleased to see a company forcing issues like improved quality and
ease of use. It makes all of our companies become acountable for delivering
truly quality features. I want customers to tell me the work I'm doing is
awesome, not satisfactory - especially because VoIP is all about people and
relationships. But in order to do so, I need Microsoft to value VoIP enough
to fund it appropriately, and Skype is making that happen. I would actually
consider the recent VoIP innovations the result of a "pro-Skype backlash."

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