Monday, July 25, 2005

Kiss me quick

A Platinum Circle mega-value reader writes in with some views on the Cisco/Kiss deal:

"I'm not sure if you're familiar with the Kiss product line, but they have a bit
of a cult following - an Ethernet-connected PVR/HDD/DVD player which is easily
hackable (loads of people produce and download modified firmware versions) and
which runs its own markup language (KML). Online programme guides for something like 1,000 channels and you can log into the Kiss portal from your mobile phone and tell your Kiss device at home to record a certain programme for you. Plus you can play games, read the news etc - way more extensible than Tivo etc... it could be quite exciting... especially if they bring out a device which has the
Kiss features plus Wi-Fi and voice in one box."

As for the last statement, I think we can count on it, and this presumably makes Cisco a strong contender in the quest for the all-singing, all-dancing placeshifting PVR media gateway Holy Grail as far as I can see, though this article contains a denial of any plans to enter the consumer electronics space.

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