Wednesday, July 13, 2005

OFCOM market update available

Fans of statistics and information overload will welcome the just-released OFCOM overview of the UK communications market for 2005. Last year's version was fantastic, and I look forward to wading through this one. Notable headlines:

  • Broadband outpaces narrowband, and the average price-per-megabit for broadband has fallen 63% since 2002;
  • Price declines in fixed-line telecom services in 2004 delivered savings of £20 per household on average;
  • Broadband connections doubled in 2004, but broadband industry revenues rose only 6.8%, reflecting price erosion;
  • Spending on communication services (TV, radio, fixed and mobile) accounts for 4% of total consumer expenditure, and in real terms expenditure per capita is one-third higher than in 2000.

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