Thursday, December 21, 2006

Don't you wish your coders were hot like mine?

One of the things which I found most interesting in the section of the Telco 2.0 survey built around my "Ten Things" presentation from the event back in October, was that the respondents tended to disagree most strongly with my statements on the dearth of innovation coming out of the industry. But let's put down the egg-nog for a minute here and get real. Check out this 13-minute video (pointed out by a Silver and Gold Club mega-uber value reader), in which we get a glimpse inside Adobe - where this particular team is working on some amazing applications to marry web services with the desktop. In particular I like the section where the developer is doing drag and drop of Vcard data from a Flash window straight into Google Maps. This is what I mean by innovation - open APIs, open minds, and apparently an open environment in which to explore and develop.

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