Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Below the belt, below the radar

Recently I've devoted some space to funny happenings on the IR front, so here's another good one. About 90 minutes ago I got a press release from Alcatel Investor Relations attacking the work of an analyst at another firm, and disputing the conclusions reached in a recent research note. I don't know the background, so I can't comment on the relative merit of each argument, but I've had a look on the website, and this press release isn't there (if it appears later, then apologies and please don't issue another press release on my account).

UPDATE: Now the following day, and still no sign of this release on the website. It's interesting how a company of this stature feels it can diss an analyst to a narrow audience (presumably investors and other analysts) with impunity, but doesn't have the courage of its convictions to do so in a public forum.

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