Thursday, April 01, 2004


(Please be advised that, though this post shows a 2004 time stamp, in fact it was created in 2007 - don't ask, it's down to the relatively inflexible nature of Blogger, which I still love)

If you wish to receive a formal, conventional CV, please contact me here. For now, here are the most salient features, or more appropriately, a few things I'm proud of. Also, see this more recent post for an update on my most recent incarnation, prior to being cut down in my sub-prime.

  • I was among the first, if not the first, in Europe to write about access independent voice and its potential impacts, late 2002/early 2003. This extended to an exploration of the voice/IM mash-up possibilities, which we saw come together conclusively in September 2003.
  • I was the first investment banking analyst (to my knowledge) to write about Skype, within a few days of its launch. I think my sales force thought I had lost my mind, but two years and $2.6bn later... A couple of proactive people on our sales desk at the time thankfully dragged me around Europe, where I had the distinct pleasure of breaking the news about Skype to a number of fund managers - who both loved and hated what I had to tell them.
  • In 2004 I began to publicly argue that conventional brokers' research was also in the firing line in an all-IP world, where information flows were less hierarchical. This was greeted with the usual silence from the higher-ups in research, but a few clients liked it. 2004 was also the year I began probing the implications of the looming tension between broadband as a economic/social policy and "broadband as a product," which we now see being played out so clearly in Amsterdam, Paris, Chile, Singapore, Seattle, South Yorkshire...
  • February 2005 I wrote a long note on the disruption of broadcasting, with a focus on BSkyB. My diagnosis was that Sky needed broadband connectivity in the mix or there would be trouble. The company disagreed vehemently with my views, then bought Easynet eight months later...
  • October 2006, I turned up on the list of Top 20 Stockpickers arising from a two-year Bloomberg study. This was particularly gratifying/amusing, as I probably spend less time on conventional stock-specific research than many of my counterparts, let alone the fact that I am a one-man show with absolutely no support.
  • I have amassed an interesting, diverse, and unconventional range of contacts in the industry as a result of this blog and various appearances at industry conferences. Links to some of these presentations are found on the homepage (another example is here).

Public appearances:

  • Moderator, Telco 2.0, London (11/09)
  • Presenter, eComm Europe, Amsterdam (10/09)
  • Presenter, Manchester Next Gen Roadshow (video), Manchester (06/09)
  • Chairman, Open Mobile Summit, London (06/09)
  • Presenter, OECD ICT working group biannual meeting, Paris (03/09)
  • Presenter, Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm (video), London (11/08)
  • Panelist, TelecomTV, London (10/08)
  • Moderator, Streaming Media conference VC panel (video), London (10/08)
  • Panelist, Society for Computers & Law conference "Legislating Web 2.0", London (09/08)
  • Moderator, Telecom Executive Network panel on UK broadband user experience with 3UK, Virgin Media, Sky, Carphone Warehouse, and the OFCOM Consumer Panel, London (09/08)
  • Speaker, Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm, London (03/07)
  • Panelist, content and applications, FTTH Council Europe annual conference, Barcelona (02/07)
  • Panelist, Telecom Finance panel on emerging and disruptive technologies, London (01/07)
  • Speaker, Cambridge-MIT Institute symposium on Net Neutrality, London (12/06)
  • Moderator, Telecom Executive Network panel on user-generated content with O2, BBC, YoSpace and MoblogUK, London (12/06)
  • Panelist, OFCOM regulatory seminar in conjunction with book release “Communications: The Next Decade”, London (12/06)
  • Industry Keynote, VON Europe, Berlin (11/06)
  • Speaker and analyst-in-residence, Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm event, London (10/06)
  • Moderator, Telecom Executive Network panel with Skype, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google, London (06/06)
  • Industry Keynote, VON Europe, Stockholm (05/06)
  • Panelist, Total Telecom World Telecommunications Congress, Geneva (04/06)
  • Industry Keynote, VON Spring, San Jose, CA (03/06)
  • Speaker, Fiber to the Home Council Europe annual conference, Vienna (01/06)
  • Briefing for Amsterdam City Government, Amsterdam (09/05)
  • Speaker, Total Telecom Carriers World, London (09/05)
  • Industry Keynote, VON Europe, Stockholm (06/05)
  • Moderator, Osney Media IP Triple Play forum, London (05/05)
  • Moderator, ECTA Conference, Barcelona, (05/05)
  • Speaker, Marcus Evans Strategic Pricing for Telecoms, London (04/05)
  • Panelist, PwC-Informa Media Leaders Summit, London (11/04)
  • Speaker, Osney Media VoIP Forum, London (11/04)
  • Speaker, Seminar on P2P video, Columbia University, New York (09/04)
  • Disruptive Technology briefing, PwC Infocom Practice, London (08/04)
  • Keynote, VON Europe, London (05/04)

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