Monday, November 02, 2009

Waving goodbye

Okay good people, I have two major problems. Firstly, a number of people have posted requests with no email address. Google Wave makes you more productive, apparently, but not psychic. Secondly, and more importantly, something seems to have gone terribly wrong. Wave crashed earlier and prompted me to refresh, and when I did my remaining invites were gone. I had dished out five and still had three left. I've retained the details of those requests I wasn't able to honor, and if I get more invites, or my remaining ones are restored, your requests will be honored. For those I was able to fulfill, be advised that it may take some time, as it seems there are some scaling issues.


peter said...

hey, I have about 20 invites, drop me an email and I'll send ya' :) (

James Enck said...

Cool Peter, that's very civic-minded of you. Much appreciated, and I will pass on to other readers.

Putting on the Ritz said...

i still have a number of google wave invites as well drop me an email at and i will send them out.
i also have a google voice invitation left, but sadly you need to be in the US (or have access to US VPN service). first come, first served!