Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Britain's Embarrassing Travesty?

If you're planning to make an inspirational video about fiber which makes the viewer contemplate suicide within the first three minutes, I think I have a template for you to follow. "Patience is a virtue of the past." Indeed. In fact, it looks like patience in some quarters was exhausted some considerable time ago. Note the call to action towards the end:

If Ofcom will not lay down the law on this one, or at least issue some guidelines or a Code of Practice about NGA marketing to stop this in its tracks, I will personally pay a bunch of very cheap workers to spend as long as it takes out on the Internet making sure that as many websites as possible have either a forum post, blog comment, banner ad or similar on it saying something along the lines of "BT's BET is NOT next generation broadband. Complain now. Boycott BT."

Funny how these things can spread virally and unpredictably, which is something I thought marketing departments were supposed to understand by now. I notice that there currently seems to be no Facebook group with a title such as "BET = Britain's Embarrassing Travesty." Not that I'm advocating that someone start one. But if they did, I would join it.

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Cyberdoyle said...

LMTO. well said! I would join the group too!