Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Call for input

I'm in the process of putting together my slides for eComm next week in Amsterdam, and I wanted to ask for your input, gentle reader. If you would be so kind as to send me the three most critical issues which the communications (notice I did not say telecom) industry faces in future, I would be very interested to see them. By critical issues, I mean opportunities and/or challenges, both endogenous and exogenous. I'm just curious to see how your ideas line up against my own.


Anonymous said...

#1 Water finds its own level - when will I be able to travel abroad with my o2 (-; iphone and not having to worry about taking out a second mortgage.

#2 When will I have (one or possibly two) widely usable and secure identities.

#3 When will EULAs allow me to honestly tick the YES I have read and understood this box.

Anonymous said...

Top three telco issues: (1) how to monetize data for wireless networks; (2) who should own the last mile (private, public, regulated)?; (3) can telcos successfully innovate internally or partner to offer new solutions for customers?

Anonymous said...

1. To what extent the Network is neutral
2. Which company (ies) lead user experience
3. What users want

Jeremy Penston said...

For me, the top issue is better use of installed capacity.

We use less than 2% of the aggregate UK local loop capacity, yet we are in the process of spending billions more on yet more new bandwidth (fixed and mobile).


I think that this is because we have forgotten that capacity = speed x time.

We need to spend much more time downloading and uploading predictively and that requires a much greater level of intelligence at the edge.

How often do you watch a video that an intelligent computer could not have found for you and downloaded in advance?

Finally and regrettably, I need to plug my company because I think we have part of the answer :-)