Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Benign neglect

It's quite probable that this will be of absolutely no interest to the vast majority of my mega-uber value readers out there, but on the off-chance that you are curious as to where I've been recently, I've been working on a purely personal side project, partly because it makes me happy, and partly because I feel I need to. It doesn't help that the past couple of weeks in telecom have left me feeling distinctly uninspired - is it just me?

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mark said...

Hi James

good luck with your more personal blog but i do hope you still manage to post on telecoms related stuff as i do miss your more regular postings. I am surprised that you have recently been less than inspired with telecoms. Personally I am finding the industry, especially mobile, far more interesting recently, as the battle for mobile internet/computing has really taken off. How could it get more entertaining, with all these massive beasts slugging it out for supremacy?