Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Daiwa Eurotelcoblog No. 11 Friday 19th September, 2003 (Night Owl edition): Skypewatch - the network effect in a mass media context (original email blast 10:42 PM Friday, 19th September, 2003)

Today provides an interesting example of "the power of the network" to borrow a phrase from Cisco. Here's the timeline for the Skype story, as we see it:

Service launch end of August >
First reports in geek press on 2nd September >
Daiwa tunes in on 9th September and issues a short note in this pseudo-blog, and again on 15th September >
18th September Google search shows still no media coverage outside of previous reports in geek press > 19th September AM London time - Wall Street Journal reports on service >
19th September 14:30 London time - Bloomberg reports on WSJ report >
September 19th 21:40 London time CNBC's US Closing Bell programme (hosted by the formidable Maria Bartiromo) runs a feature on Skype and why it's a wakeup call for the incumbent telcos.

Where to next week? One million downloads by Tuesday, easily, we think, and more coverage > more consumer awareness, and on it goes.

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