Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Daiwa Eurotelcoblog No. 8 Monday 15th September, 2003: KaZaA as telco, part 2 (original email blast 1:53 PM Monday, 15th September)

As we wrote late last Tuesday, founders of P2P file sharing monolith KaZaA have decided they want to play telco, and co-founder Janus Friis is sounding very serious about it in this interview on CNET from late last week (http://news.com.com/2008-1082_3-5074558.html) Skype claims 60,000 downloads in the first week, ahead of expectations. One of our very experienced VoIP industry contacts in the field has downloaded and trialled the product. His verdict:

"Astonishing quality, especially given that it was going out and back through a corporate firewall! If the senior management of the PTT's have tried it, they can't be sleeping easy!"

We think this development, which amazingly seems to have gone largely unnoticed outside the "geek" press for the time-being, may well be a profound source of momentum for the adoption of VoIP.

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