Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome to the gig time

Enfant terrible HKBN's press release today heralding 10,000 users of its 1Gbps service started me riffing on "catchy" marketing tag lines for a one gig service:

"Think gig"
"Gagging for a gig"
"Go to work on a gig"
"Gigs might fly"
"Welcome to the gig time"
"The gig chill"
"The gig bang"
"The Gig Society"

Feel free to join in...


MB94128 said...

The gig's up !

Category : American Puns
Def.1 - The gigabit-per-sec. connection is live;
Def.2 - The fan-dance of pseudo-broadband (DSL and co-ax) is ending;

James Enck said...

Outstanding work, keep it coming!

Andrew Schmitt said...

Getting giggy with it.

Andrew Schmitt said...

When you're big time, it's Gig time.