Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday trivia - Thomas Watson on the development of the telephone

Reel 1

Reel 2


MB94128 said...

The following links are for those who prefer a download to a Flash player.

Video :
"TELEPHONE MEMORIES (Reel 1 of 2) (1931)" [NARA via Archive.org]
"TELEPHONE MEMORIES (Reel 2 of 2) (1931)" [NARA via Archive.org]

Audio Bonus from 1914 :
"The birth of the telephone (1914)" [Archive.org]
"The Birth Of The Telephone 1914" [Archive.org, alt. copy]

N.B. Please make sure that you have some sort of cut-off timer or rescue party in place BEFORE visiting Archive.org. The mountain of content available there could very easily tempt one to browse indefinitely.

chris said...

Lovely to see and hear this history of communication. The legacy they left to the nations is now being exploited by telcos and govenments instead of moving on into the next stage. I am sure if Watson and Bell were alive now they would be saying 'what? still using our old copper wire? move on to the fibre old chap, lets get this show on the road'