Thursday, December 09, 2010

BT Infinity, to the 'hood and beyond!

While walking around my neighborhood in the past couple of days, I've seen signs that the good people of Greater Dulwich are heading for Infinity. The first I noticed is on Townley Road, along the fence surrounding Alleyn's School. No doubt the local kids will find the added bandwidth advantageous in videoconference interviews for those precious places at Oxbridge. Future members of the elite should not suffer undue latency.


The second is on Upland Road, just a few meters up the road from my humble hovel, and only about 500 meters from the local BT exchange. Still, I can practically reach out the window and touch the Virgin Media cabinet I am connected to, so I see no incentive to consider switching, at least until it is real FTTH. By which time, no doubt, I will be in a nursing home.


So the next time you're passing through SE22, you might just catch sight of a mysterious white horse wandering inexplicably through shafts of light cascading from the heavens, as people of all ages, classes and races smile approvingly. Surely this is the biggest buzz since currency decimilization, or the introduction of the banana.

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Benoit FELTEN said...

To paraphrase Craig Ferguson:

Two things. One, great music. Two... what ?

I'm wondering what it tells us that the white horse looks trapped behind bars of optic light ;-)