Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A cry for help

Well, it's not an actual cry for help (yet), but I thought that might get your attention...

I'm currently involved in a research project, the intention of which is to collect and analyze technical data around fiber deployments (FTTH/B/C/N/letter of your choice), with a view to benchmarking deployment costs against the technology choices and physical constraints of real-world projects. If you're involved, or have been involved, in a real-world fiber project, and are willing and able to share some detailed data on an anonymized basis, please ping me, and I can fill you in on the project in more detail.


Wan said...

As a broadcaster, i have been involved on fiber optic installation for broadcasting station's infrastructure dealing with multimode as well as singlemode fiber type. Most of the fiber is merely for IT broadcasting. I am not sure what kind of assistance you would like to seek.

chris said...

http://www.wrayvillage.co.uk/wennet.htm shows us laying the first rural community fibre to the home in the UK, may 2009, it was only a small 1 km run, fed by wireless, but if we can help with costings just shout out. I will email you contact details.