Monday, March 29, 2010

Swing low

What can you expect by way of "special treats" when you're an employee in a company which has been LBO'd more times than anyone can remember and suffered a tough couple of years in one of the worst macroeconomic situations in the developed world? Well, if that company is eircom, you should brace yourself for the worst. Evidence suggests that the company was recently "treated" to a performance by the execrable Crystal Swing (check out this charming hit, an affectionate tribute to "funny foreign people"). Here's a short video clip of the kids doing "The Hucklebuck" (a rip off of Charlie Parker's "Now's the Time") in front of the eircom logo, and here's a blurry photo of CEO Paul Donovan getting down with "the yoof." This looks like a good candidate for runner-up as worst corporate entertainment ever, after the obvious hands-down winner, the Bank of America/MBNA merger hoedown.

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Damien Mulley said...

Actually Crystal Swing started as an online joke in Ireland, became a trending topic for days on Twitter, then they were interviewed on the most popular evening show and we all realised how genuine the family are and loved them more. There's been spoof videos - , Facebook campaigns and more associated with them.

Clever move by eircom to have local Internet sensations at an Internet product launch. People were foaming at the mouth to get along to the launch. Weird I know, you just have to be in our bubble I suppose.

They're on the Ellen show on Monday too.