Saturday, February 20, 2010

Digital Dales Colloquium Number 1

In direct contravention of my own new year's resolution, I have not, in fact, posted more frequently, which is a source of ongoing embarrassment to me. Life has brought many changes over the past six months, and most of them have not been great. I've been trying to focus my energy on things which have a more positive direct impact on my life, or on issues I care about, and less on things like pontificating about the iPad (though if I did want to pontificate on it, I would probably take a different tack).

For this reason, I would really love to be at the Digital Dales Colloquium Number 1, next Friday the 26th of February, but unfortunately, I am moving house that day. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Lindsey Annison recently, and her enthusiasm and commitment to getting true connectivity to people who need and will benefit from it is truly inspiring. It probably helps that she has experienced life on the broadband margins personally - as she said to me, try running a business out of your home with a DSL line that delivers 256kbps, on a good day.

Anyway, try to get there if you can, because I'm sure it's going to be a great event. Sorry I have to take a rain check.

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askan said...

I am sorry that life has not been too pleasant to you. I hope things will change. Good luck.