Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lunchtime drive-by, 16 September

Europe is grindingly dull today compared with events elsewhere:

Australia - Life gets more interesting with each passing day for Telstra and its shareholders, as it deals with both the implications of structural separation and yet another catastrophic network outage.

New Zealand - The government tells Telecom and Vodafone to take a flying leap with their proposals, in favor of a highly-localized procurement process for open-access fiber.

Taiwan - Taiwan Mobile buys MSO Kbro for 10.0x LTM EBITDA, a great exit for Carlyle into a much more interesting asset. Surely a company with ubiquitous mobile coverage will also desire a more extensive fixed footprint, particularly if it is only 1.2x levered and can afford to do more - i.e., further consolidation seems inevitable.

Adobe/Omniture - I think I understand what is happening here, or at least I understand the rhetoric around it, but Hank Williams' recent post highlights failings which make me wonder just how well the company will engage with the more demanding customer base it will carry as a result of this deal.

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