Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From a tent in East Anglia

That's where I am - but rest assured it's a family holiday, not a life choice... I have sporadic internet access, thanks mainly to the wonders of 3G and a cheap portable power supply. My intention was to lie low and not do much of a professional nature, blurry as the definition of that has become, but a Palladium Club mega-value reader sent me a link to this blog today, and I thought it deserved "fast-track" attention. It's an intriguing and revealing account, which seems too surreal to be anything other than genuine, of life within a (presumably UK) telco, though I hope for the sake of the author that it does not resemble the Reginald Perrin saga too closely. The accounts of meetings confirm my skepticism around the real prospects for "telco transformation" - it's a culture thing, clearly I wouldn't understand...

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