Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Distracted 2.0

Well, mega-uber value readers, it looks like I'm failing miserably in my intention to post more frequently. It just happens that I'm preoccupied with pre-launch preparations, investor meetings, and the like. Very exciting stuff, and I promise to share what I can in due course.

Greetings to all my erstwhile fiber geek friends whom I'm missing this week in Copenhagen. This is the first conference I've missed in four years, so please don't have too much fun without me, though in Copenhagen in February, that may not be too much of an ask...

However bad it might be in Copenhagen (disclaimer: actually it is a wonderful city - I'm just jealous), at least there's more fun to be had than in some corridors of power in Brussels, where it appears that a cat-fight may be developing between Ms. Reding and "Nickel" Neelie Kroes. Dutch version is here, Google translated English here. I have no real insight into the implied allegations contained here, but no doubt if there is any substance to them, then it is pretty explosive stuff.

In any event, given that I have little to say, and that any market commentary from me would be mostly negative, I thought it might be best to focus on the ridiculous, for a change. So, here goes.

Firstly, via the NANOG list, check out this amazing gallery of cabling nightmares. Words fail me.

Secondly, I recently stumbled across this bizarre collection of lovingly-crafted Dictionaraoke tracks. AC/DC fans click here, Black Sabbath fans here, Beatles fans here, Smiths fans here.

Lastly, I have rarely laughed so hard that I both cried and choked at the same time, but this piece of video from the incomparable geniuses at The Onion takes the prize. If you're easily offended by strong language, or are a member of the Sony legal team, you should skip it. For everyone else, and for anyone who has ever struggled with the installation of a piece of consumer electronic paraphernalia (Sony or otherwise), take a deep breath and enjoy.

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