Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday night links

Gearing up for another week of apocalyptic market shenanigans? Lost for something to send you off to sleep on a Sunday evening? I have a remedy...

  • My friends at E-Comm are looking for interesting speakers. Don't be shy, you know who you are...
  • During my final days at ML, one of the corporate-speak phrases which I heard (though not, I should say, from my bosses) with rather more nauseating frequency than I desired, was "blocking and tackling" (how does one block and tackle a systemic implosion in global financial markets, exactly?). This has various definitions, but I guess in incumbent-speak it means, "by any means necessary." Mid-way through this blogpost (and again in the comments) is a description of how this works in Spain. Telefonica may be treading a dangerous regulatory path, however, if it is too successful in thwarting its competitors. Jazztel lacks the scale to be properly competitive, ONO's leverage could crush it in the current downturn, and it sounds like Orange is having trouble (quell surprise!). (Muchas gracias to a Mega-Uber Eldorado class reader for this obscure tip.)
  • Having received this press release early yesterday morning, I'm still trying to work out precisely what it is trying not to say...
  • A fantastic example of Happy Meal financial journalism, in case you're in a hurry.
  • Right-wing credit crunch humor (with stunningly limited participation so far).
  • Where would financial firms end up translated onto a Monopoly board?

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