Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another day, another 4000 lines...

This results season is leaving me with a profound sense that we are reaching some sort of tipping point when it comes to PSTN abandonment. Just to recap, on Monday, we observed that KPN's rate of voice line loss in Q2, at an annualized run rate, had risen to 5.3%, more than double the rate of a year ago. Similarly, the run rate line loss for Swisscom yesterday was 4.2%, also more than double the level of a year ago. Today, in Deutsche Telekom's numbers, we witnessed the same pattern - 400k lines in Q2, that's 4.4% run rate annualized line loss, double the level of a year ago. And none of these cases seem to be seasonal blips either - in every case the rate increased in Q2 over Q1. Scaaaaaary.

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