Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Daiwa EuroTelcoblog No. 75: Tuesday 14th September, 2004 - Supersize my VoIP

Skype has quietly revamped its website to show the cumulative number of PC-to-PC "minutes served" since launch, in an apparently ironic tip of the hat to McDonalds. The current total at this writing is 1.5bn, in a little over one year. That's 4m minutes per day on average over the past year, though obviously this is heavily backend-loaded given the growth in Skype users in the past six months. A purely anecdotal observation is that, as recently as two months ago, I typically saw 350 - 400k concurrent users on Skype. In the past couple of days, this number has consistently been in the neighborhood of 700k, and that is noticeably up on the 550 - 600k visible just a couple of weeks back. Respect.

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